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What Is Fetch Dog Gear?

“As a parent to two dogs myself, I know what it is like when you lose your pet and the fear that comes over you wondering if you will ever see your best friend again. So I came up with an idea to create dog gear with fun, unique prints, and a pocket to keep a tracking device in. We provide the fashion while you provide the tech. It is the easiest way to find your dog. Fetch Dog Gear provides you peace of mind while your canine pal gets to wear fun fashion in the form of harnesses, leashes, and much more to come!”

- Katie Burns, Founder

Clever, Strong, Effective and Safe

All harnesses are original prints and have a hidden pocket inside to hold a tracking device that you provide. Made of flexible and comfortable neoprene and mesh fabric, this harness is durable and will last. The strap that goes around the dog’s chest area is adjustable for their size.


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Gift Certificates Are Available!

Want to give a harness or leash as a gift, but not sure what to get? Hook your friends and family up with a Fetch Dog Gear Gift Certificate. Available from $10 to $100 our gift cards are the perfect solution. They are delivered to you and available for instant download.

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